Marshall Field

Chief Executive Officer

Before entering into the medical cannabis business, Mr. Field was a licensed commercial real estate agent for 40 years. Moreover, he has been an investment banker as well as developed of large commercial assets including, but not limited to, agricultural and industrial plants. Therefore, all this experience now makes him extremely qualified to lead the CGTD projects.Mr. Field is in charge of developing the strategy and promoting the company’s development through promotion of the cultivation and sales activities for CGTD.

Rito Gutierrez

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Gutierrez is a business man of Coalinga. He is the owner of more than 50 single family residences, which he rents out, which increases his ownership of real estate in Coalinga to 14%. Moreover, he owns and runs fifteen insurance/immigration/tax service etc outlets in the area.He made his success himself and is extremely influential in Coalinga, which will be very helpful in running CGTD.

Eric J Harrington

Mater Grower

Mr. Eric J. Harrington has been working with Nexus Greenhouse, the company who will provide pre-framed warehouse units for CGTD. Mr. Harrington has 30+ years of cannabis cultivation experience. Please review an article authored by him in our Operation page where he explains in detail of the process and methods of cannabis cultivation.
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