Perfection At Its Best
While many might think marijuana is only a medication that people get high on, CGTD begs to differ. CGTD promises to supply California, the biggest marketplace for medical cannabis products, with the best possible cannabis products made by using the most reliable methods available, while being the most efficient.

How do we promise to do so?
-Controlling every internal factor affecting the plants such as temperature, light intensity etc using hydroponic and soil grow systems
-With the state of the art greenhouses equipped with CO2 generators, plants can maximize their growth cycles and a maximum 5 harvests per year is expected.

At least eleven external factors, namely:

    • Water testing


    Internal grow room temperatures


    Visual inspection of plants


    Carbon Dioxide levels


    Facility Maintenance


    Fire prevention


    Sanitation Practices


    Electrical Systems




    Trash Disposal and Waste


    Security, are to be maintained everyday to ensure proper growth of the plants.

CGTD is a Friend of Nature and Society.
We believe in being most energy-efficient while being the least harmful to the environmental and therefore, be a leader in “Green” cultivation. All the natural fertilizers and organic food that will be used are promised to be bio-safe for use in operation and will guarantee the health and safety of our workers, buyers and the surrounding community.

Our waste water will be cleaned and reused to feed landscaping elements, including vegetation. The deceased plants and failed clones will be disposed in a commercial composter, for use in on-site landscaping. This gives two advantages of minimizing waste and adding a lush and vibrant landscape for public viewing. Not only this, CGTD also intends to develop Coalinga’s economy, people, and its unique Central Valley culture. Employees will be given a living wage at a minimum of 100% over the State minimum wage. We believe local jobs for the local community is the optimum model to grow our business and connect with the people at large.

Cash Management
California State Treasurer John Chiang announced the Cannabis Banking Working Group on Dec. 2, 2016. The purpose of the group is to create a system that would expand access to banking for Marijuana Related Businesses (“MRB”). This is important from the state’s perspective in order to be able to accurately determine the taxes owed by the MRBs, prevent money laundering, and lower the risk of MRBs having to store large amounts of cash. For California Green Tree, determining the best way to manage payments and banking is critical to the success of the Company. This is an issue for the entire legal cannabis industry and is not unique to the Company.

At a recent meeting of the Working Group, John Vardaman, former Assistant Deputy Chief for Policy, Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering at the U.S. Department of Justice and former member of the group that co-authored the Cole Memo (which outlined Justice Department policy with regard to the state legal marijuana industry, see “Risk Factors” above) believes that guidelines outlined in the Cole Memo present an opportunity for the state and for banks and should not be viewed as a limitation. Since leaving the Justice Department he has been working on banking solutions for the industry that provides increased transparency and provides for a non-cash transaction system to help banks and merchants comply with their FinCEN and Bank Secrecy Act obligations.

The promulgation of proposed rules by the State of California that go into effect in January 2018 should help the banking situation, as the FinCEN guidance and the Cole Memo rely on the state having a regulatory and compliance scheme that would mitigate the chance of a bank providing services to a non-licensed person. Prior to the proposed regulation, licensing in California was on the local level with no statewide database of licensed persons or entities, no uniform requirements, and no “seed to sale” tracking that exists in states such as Colorado or Oregon.

Currently, California Green Tree has a relationship with a financial institution that will allow up to $25,000 in cash deposits per day. We believe this will be adequate in the short-term until California’s rules and regulations provide banks and credit unions with the regulatory framework they need to comply with the FinCEN Guidance and Cole Memo.

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