Medical marijuana cultivators who believe in making lives better.

California Green Tree Development LLC (CGTD) is a for-profit LLC that plans on using California’s booming market of legal cannabis products for medical purposes. As an unprecedented resource, Cannabis has the power to elevate and invigorate one’s mind and body, without being a harmful, addictive drug.

Here at California Green Tree Development, with our highly dedicated team working to produce the cleanest, organically grown cannabis of premium quality, we aspire to serve your medical needs by using the most conscientious methods available.

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Who are the CGTD team?

The CGTD team consists of an exceptionally integrated group of people. Along with our extremely skilled set of staffs and our Managerial Team: The Chief Executive Officer, Marshall Field Manager, and our Advisor Rito Gutierrez are the masterminds behind this innovative company.

These proven real estate geniuses, devoted to years long professionalism and productivity, have pitched the road of CGTD healthy cannabis cultivation towards undefeated success. For more comprehensive information, please read below.


California Green Tree Development envisions in becoming the biggest and best cultivators of marijuana, while making the most high quality and beneficial drugs possible. Our carefully extracted medical cannabis aims to maintain the highest standards of safety while preserving the environment and taking the utmost care of it!

Perfectly Legal and Reliable.
CGTD is pursuant to both the MCRSA and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016 (“AUMA”), it promises to strictly follow the distribution model contained in both pieces of legislation. On 23rd January 2017, CGTD got its “Commercial Cannabis License” from Coalinga Police department. The site plan for the facility received approval from the Planning Commission on February 28, 2017.

The “Happy” Line.
CGTD products will be made from both hydroponic and traditional soil-based systems, in which each and every internal and external aspects such as temperature, humidity, light wavelengths etc and even the ratio of nutrients taken in by the plants will be controlled and monitored by the specialized employees. Their list of products consists of items beginning with “Happy” such as Happy Sour Diesel, Happy Silver Haze and Happy Space Queen.

The marijuana floodgates are bursting wide open.
In 2017, we expect overall marijuana sales in the United States at the retail level to soar
by roughly 30%, hitting $5.1 billion-$6.1 billion on the back of continued growth in existing
recreational cannabis markets. In fact, rec sales are expected to surpass medical this year
for the first time ever. Medical marijuana sales also are expected to buoy the industry,
fueled in part by the expected launch of MMJ markets in Maryland and Hawaii. At the same
time, fledging medical marijuana programs in states such as Illinois, Nevada and New York
could post impressive growth this year.

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